The Treasure Box,
by Dr. Martha Smith, (© Martha Smith, 2010)

Holocaust image Treasure Box - English
Holocaust image Treasure Box - French
"Hanna's Treaure Box" (La Boite aux Trésors d'Hanna), by Martha Smith (copyright, Martha Smith, 2010), French adaptation by Ardoine Clauzel, premiered in France in August, 2010. The play is the story of a Sephardic Jewish family living in the north of Norway during the German occupation of World War II. The story is told by Hanna, first as a little girl and then as a grown woman. The drama traces the history of anti-Semitism in Europe from the time of the Spanish Inquisition to the present.
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– Dr. Martha J. Smith

Comfort Ye My People
"A must read. . . This is the definitive book to be read in the times in which we live to be fully aware . . . of what is happening (and has happened) behind the scenes. . . " –Ardoine Clauzel, Attorney at Law and Co-Director, Etoile du Matin Ministries, France. "I read your book, "The Church's Mandate Toward Israel and the Jewish People". It is very well documented, very well written in a very assertive tone. I hope that many people will take their time to read it and learn something and maybe. . . improve or change their attitudes afterward. Thank you for all your time and dedication to write this book and make it available. My appreciation for a job well done!"   more>>
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Photos - Hanna's Treasure Box

Fidelio: A Holocaust Memorial Production

INTERNATIONAL VOICE OF JUSTICE, together with the Beethoven Academy Orchestra and Beethoven Association of Krakow, Poland and the Oslo Music Academy of Norway presented Beethoven’s Opera, Fidelio: A Holocaust Memorial Opera in Poland.

Fidelio Picture

Performances were given in November and December of 2010 in five cities: Wroclaw, Lublin, Warsaw, Lodz and Krakow. Each performance was followed by long, standing ovations. The production received critical acclaim, both in Poland and in Opera Magazine, UK, the leading publication in the opera world. (Click here to read review, reprinted by permission of John Allison, chief editor, from Opera UK, Feb. 2011).