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The Treasure Box – La Boite aux Tresors d’Hanna
by Dr. Martha Smith,
(© Martha Smith, 2010)

The play, Hanna’s Treasure Box, premiered in the south of France as La Boite aux Tresors d’Hanna, with Ardoine Clauzel as Hanna, Julia Pevzner, Director, and Daphne Tallittman, designer, Solideo, lighting. It was then presented in a Broadway theater festival in New York City, again with Ardoine Clauzel as Hanna and Tomer Zvulun of the Metropolitan Opera as director. Presented in two other smaller venues in France, La Boite aux Tresors d’Hanna was presented in Centre Rachi-Center for Jewish Art and Culture in Paris.

Synopsis: Hanna’s Treasure Box is the story of a Sephardic family living in the north of Norway during the Nazi occupation of World War II. The family has hidden their Jewish identity for centuries since their ancestors were forced to leave Spain. They are warned to flee to safety in neutral Sweden through a miraculous series of events by their little daughter, Hanna. Hanna’s Treasure Box is the poignant story of the survival -against all odds- of a family faced with persecution, deportation and death. . .A compelling story gripping the hearts of the audience from beginning to end.

“The work of a powerful, articulate writer.” Lonnie Carter, Obie Award Winning playwright and dramaturg for Hanna’s Treasure Box.

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